Want a FREE family day out this May Bank Holiday Weekend?

Cosmic Superstars are bringing The Wonders of Space Event to Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa in Towcester, Northamptonshire on May 4-5! It’s a weekend jam-packed with family fun, and your family can be there for FREE!

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Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the cosmos like never before.

What’s in store for you and your family at the event?

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the cosmos like never before.

What’s in store for you and your family at the event?

  • Explore immersive planetarium domes featuring short films about space, dinosaurs, climate change, oceans, and rainforests.
  • Dive into virtual reality adventures, get creative at the Junk Modelling and Slime Station, and let your imagination run wild at the Creative Corner.
  • Transform into cosmic creatures with face-painting, bounce around on our Bouncy Castle, or enjoy some quality family time with Soft Play and Garden Games.
  • Don’t forget to groove at our end-of-day Disco for Adults and Kids and join us for a charity raffle with incredible prizes!
  • Plus, get inspired at our Speakers Stage with discussions on STEAM projects, featuring local college students and more.
  • We’re also supporting @CDGsociety to help fund research into Chronic Granulomatous Disorder, a life-threatening and life-limiting genetic condition.
  • Plus, fuel up with delicious food and refreshments while discovering opportunities for ages 5-25 to get involved in exciting projects and courses.

WIN tickets for a family of four!

Don’t miss out – like and share our Facebook post now to enter!

Terms & Conditions:

Eligibility: This competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over, except employees of Cosmic Superstars and their close relatives and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or judging of the competition.

Entry Period: The competition begins on 18 March 2024 and ends on 18th April 2024 Entries received after this time will not be considered.

How to Enter: To enter, participants must like and share the competition post on Facebook as specified in the promotional material. Only one entry per person is permitted.

Prize: The prize consists of tickets for a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) to The Wonders of Space Event at Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa in Towcester, Northamptonshire, on May 4-5. The prize is non-transferable and non-refundable. No cash or other alternatives will be offered.

Winner Selection: The winner will be selected at random from all entries received and verified by Cosmic Superstars.

Notification of Winner: The winner will be notified via direct message on the social media platform used for entry within 7 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.

Publicity: By entering this competition, participants agree to the use of their name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

Entry Requirements: Entries that are incomplete, illegible, or indecipherable will not be valid and deemed void.

Changes to the Competition: Cosmic Superstars reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the promoter.

Agreement to Terms: Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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Embracing Sustainability: A Friendly Chat about its Role in Education

Education is a powerful tool, right? It shapes our minds, our futures, and the world we live in. But here’s the thing – our world is changing. Climate change, resource depletion, and biodiversity loss are just a few of the challenges we’re facing. That’s where sustainability comes in. 

Sustainability isn’t just about recycling or turning off the lights when you leave a room (though those are great habits!). It’s about considering the long-term impacts of our actions and making choices that support a healthy planet. So, what does this have to do with education? Well, everything! 

Firstly, by integrating sustainability into the curriculum, we’re empowering students with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle these global challenges. Imagine a generation of problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders who make sustainability a priority in their personal and professional lives. 

Secondly, schools and universities can lead by example by adopting sustainable practices. This could be anything from reducing waste and conserving energy to promoting fair trade and social justice. These actions can inspire students and the wider community to live more sustainably.

Lastly, sustainability in education is about fostering a culture of respect – for each other, for our communities, and for our planet. It’s about nurturing empathy, collaboration, and resilience, qualities that are essential in our rapidly changing world.So, friends, let’s champion sustainability in education. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a parent, or simply a concerned citizen, we all have a role to play. Let’s educate for a better, more sustainable world – because the future is in our hands!

Until next time, stay green and keep learning!

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Unveiling the Vast World of Entry-Level Job Opportunities in STEAM for Post Graduates

First off, huge congrats on making it through those grueling years of study. Your hard work and determination have finally paid off and now, you’re standing on the brink of the exciting world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). If you’re wondering what opportunities await you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

In the world of Science, entry-level roles are as diverse as the field itself. You could find yourself working as a Laboratory Assistant, where you’ll be getting hands-on experience with scientific research. Or, you might be more interested in a role as a Field Researcher, exploring the great outdoors while contributing to scientific knowledge.

Tech enthusiasts, there’s a whole digital world waiting for you. With roles like Junior Software Developer, IT Support Specialist, or even a UX/UI Designer, you’ll be at the forefront of our rapidly evolving digital landscape. And with technology being integral to almost every industry, the opportunities are virtually limitless.Engineers, the world is your oyster!

As an entry-level engineer, you could be designing and building infrastructure as a Civil Engineer, or innovating new tech gadgets as an Electrical Engineer. You might even find yourself as a Mechanical Engineer, working on anything from new energy solutions to cutting-edge robotics.

For the artists among you, the ‘A’ in STEAM opens up a world of creativity. You might work as a Graphic Designer, creating visually stunning designs, or as a Content Creator, crafting engaging stories for a variety of audiences. You could even merge tech and art in the exciting field of Digital Media.

Mathematics, the universal language! As a fresh Mathematics graduate, roles like Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, or even an Actuarial Analyst could be your starting point. These roles allow you to flex your numerical muscles and make sense of the world through data.

Remember, these are just a few examples of the vast array of opportunities that await you in the STEAM field. The most important thing is to stay curious, keep learning, and be open to new experiences.

The world of STEAM is constantly evolving, and with your fresh ideas and passion, who knows what amazing things you’ll achieve! Good luck out there, and here’s to the start of an exciting career journey!

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The Imperative of Inquisitiveness in Pursuing a STEAM Career

In the dynamic world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), a spirit of inquiry is not just a desirable trait but a necessary one. Being inquisitive is a fundamental quality that fuels innovation, drives learning, and fosters the development of new ideas. Here’s why being inquisitive is so important if you want a career in STEAM.

1. Fosters Innovation: In a field like STEAM, innovation is the lifeblood of progress. The most groundbreaking scientific discoveries and technological advancements have been born out of curiosity. When we question the status quo, we open the door to new possibilities and innovative solutions.

2. Promotes Lifelong Learning: The STEAM fields are characterised by rapid change and continuous evolution. To stay relevant, one must be committed to lifelong learning. An inquisitive mindset encourages continuous exploration and learning, helping professionals to adapt to new developments and stay at the cutting edge of their fields.

3. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: Inquisitiveness naturally leads to better problem-solving skills. When we ask questions, we gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and can therefore devise more effective solutions. This is particularly important in STEAM, where complex problems are the norm.

4. Encourages Collaboration: An inquisitive mindset often leads to collaboration. When we ask questions, we invite others to share their perspectives and insights, fostering a collaborative environment. This is particularly important in STEAM, where multidisciplinary collaboration can lead to more holistic and innovative solutions.

5. Drives Personal and Professional Growth: Finally, being inquisitive can lead to personal and professional growth. By continuously questioning and learning, we not only increase our knowledge and skills, but also grow as individuals. We become more open-minded, flexible, and adaptable, qualities that are highly valued in the STEAM sector.

An inquisitive mindset is a powerful tool in the STEAM fields. It is the engine that drives innovation, fosters learning, enhances problem-solving skills, encourages collaboration, and promotes personal and professional growth. So, if you’re considering a career in STEAM, start by cultivating your curiosity. It could be your greatest asset.

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